Friday, January 28, 2011


Sickness has still not left the house. Thankfully Wes is feeling better and was able to get up this morning when the girls did, and I was able to sleep for an extra few hours. Still, all I want to do is this:

One of my sweet neighbors, Ashley, surprised me yesterday by just showing up at my door and taking the girls for two hours so I could have a break. *Heaven*, is where she is from.
Another sweet neighbor, Heather, showed up with a pizza. Take my children and give me unhealthy know the way to this girl's heart, ladies.

 The Plague, part 2 (see the first part here) hit our house on Sunday night with Charlotte getting sick repeatedly throughout the middle of the night. Loads of fun. In laundry terms, literally 3 loads worth. Then I got it Monday. By Tuesday, Wes not only had the flu but had a terrible sinus infection. I have lots of thoughts on "Man Sickness" but that's for another day.   ( lets just say "stop moaning like a woman in labor!" was snapped at him repeatedly)

Now it's Friday, the girls are better, but I still can't get it together and I'm feeling very woe is me-ish. But I haven't been out of the house in 5 days and it's supposed to be a beautiful, *65 and sunny day tomorrow...So I am dragging the family downtown and we will walk around and get fresh air and we will-have-a-good-time-or-else!!

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  1. You gotta love friends like that! And what a cute picture! Hope y'all are in tip-top shape soon!


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