Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I don't know much, But...

I do know this:

1. My daily outfit choice has less to do with what the weather or occasion is and more to do with the last time I shaved.     And how close I will need to get to people that day.      And how good their vision is.

2. Feta cheese makes everything taste better.

3. I'm really thankful for my weekly mom's group meet-up. If you're a new mom, or an expectant mom, or an old-pro mom, or an in the middle-ish mom, you need to make time to be with other ones. You do.

4. Home Owner's Association meetings. You learn a lot about people. That's all I'll say about that. I'd like to say more but I fear some of them might read my blog. And then report me to the new anonymous tip line (true story) for heinous neighborhood crimes like leaving my stroller on the front porch ;)

5. Going from a working every day and lots of weekends mom, to a working a few days a week mom, to doing my own freelance design almost entirely while being a stay-at-home mom has been....better and worse and easier and harder and more fun and less fun all at the same time.      But I know it's worth it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall wishlist

Fall, you're a saucy little minx. We got a brief but glorious taste of Her last weekend here in Charleston. Low 70's, no humidity, gorgeous. But She's a tease, that one.

Now it's back to the mid to high 80's every day with humidity so high it feels like the inside of a dogs mouth every time I step outside.

I can't wait to wear Fall clothes.
In January.
When it's finally Fall.


Stroodle Noodle's B-day :)

Happy 1st Birthday Juliette!!

I love you to bits baby girl!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The circle

Life is.... _________

That's how I started this post 3 days ago, thinking the right words would come to me.
But 3 days later and I still don't really know what to put.

Last week, the life of a mother was brutally taken from her children, at the hands of her husband. They went to our church. Their kids played with mine.

A few days later a son was taken from his mother in a quick and terrible act of nature's fury; lost in a flash flood. Though I've never seen her in person, I've followed along with her blog for years and felt her loss as though she were a dear friend.

My heart just hurts. I have yet to deal with the passing of a close loved one. I've been able to keep loss at a far distance...locked out of my house, pushed from the corners of my mind. I've only felt it's chill from a distance.

And suddenly everything just feels...

Even with the priceless knowledge that the end is not really the end, and that more, and better, and bigger than we could ever image waits for us and those we love. Even knowing that not even a single, small bird can fall on this earth without the eyes of my Savior upon it, and His loving hands cradling it.

Even then.

Life is.... hard. painful. unfair. short


Last week I got to meet two beautiful new additions to our neighborhood.
Sweet baby girls born a few weeks two new moms on my street.

One of my best friends, and also a neighbor, is pregnant with yet another precious baby girl...due this winter.

And my own 2nd born will turn One next week. And you better believe I'm going to squeeze her and kiss her and breathe her in every second of that day that I can, before she wriggles away to chase after her older sister on wobbly, unsure legs.

Life is....precious. beautiful. breathtaking. stunning. impossible to plan. short

So I'm telling this to me, to you...Go live. 

Live Huge! Live Big or Go Home, damn it! Take too many pictures of your family. Hang them in too many frames. Hug the bejeezes out of people even if they don't like hugs! Find a new baby and just stare at the miracle of hands and feet that could be that small. Sing along with that c.d. in your car of 1001 annoying children's songs so loudly that other drivers think you're INSANE and your kids think your AMAZING. But live bigger than just you. Spill and splash your life onto other people or else none of it really matters. Give things. Share things. Say things that need to be said.

Put your sunnies on, baby.  There are always bright days ahead.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

This and That...

I really want to paint our front door. Our is boring black, and we have a pretty strict h.o.a. code. Doubtful any of these will fly. But look at all the pretty...

Crushing so hard on a yellow and gray scheme for the guest bedroom. I think every room in our house, has been every other room in the house at some point. The guestroom turned into our room which turned into the playroom and then back to our room and now back to the guest room. It's an exhausting, indecisive, half-finished sort of life we lead here people.

When people dent their pillows it pains me. Don't know why. It just bothers.
(love these pillows though)

What design element bothers you?
Have a pretty painted door? (sad face. jealous.)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Still here

...Well I am, at least. You may not be. It's been so long since I've written, you all may have given up on this little overgrown, neglected, weed-ridden patch of the interwebs.

School has started, which doesn't really mean much to me since my littles don't go yet.
But it does mean that the museum, the aquarium, and the Chick-fil-a playground are abandoned since all of your wild and unruly offspring are locked away getting educated. It's fabulous.

Sometimes I feel guilty about this next statement but I'm going to say it anyway.
I'm looking forward to the girl's being in school. It goes without saying how fiercely I love them both, but I'm not the world's best stay-at-home mom. I'm just not. Kid's shows bore me. Arts and Crafts give me hives...glitter everywhere...paint spilling...glue (shudder). I count the hours until nap time everyday. I could never home-school. I have several friends who are planning on doing it because the public school system here is the pits, and that is definitely not in the cards for me. We're going with the fail proof option of winning the lottery and sending them to an elite private school instead.

I think this long, brutally hot summer and being cooped up inside has just worn away at my last nerves. I know I'm actually going to bawl my eyeballs right out the first time I put a lunchbox in Charlotte's hand and walk her through the doors of kindergarten. But still... I'm just really looking forward to the first time we can all go out somewhere with no strollers, no diaper bag, and no crouching on the floor of a gas station women's room for 30 minutes waiting for Charlotte to get over her horrific disgust of public bathrooms and poop in the damn potty already. (If we go to your house and your toilet is not up to her lofty sanitation standards, she will tell you. And I'm sorry.)

But at any rate, I hope this transition into fall is going well for you...whatever stage of life you're in.

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