Tuesday, July 03, 2012

It's hot. It's really, really hot. And other observational gems.

Heat makes me cranky. 
So do two-year-olds.
I have both. so obviously we're having a swell time.

 We're all trying to wear as little as possible. That helps with the heat.

I got to go to the pool. Alone. That helps with the two-year-old. The lack-of.
I even took a picture in the pool bathroom. Alone. Rare.

I've brought a little more summer to the house...a new reading nook in the kitchen, some happy flowers from trader joes, an organized coffee station, and a cleaned-out kid's drawer. 

And just so I don't start feeling too good about my cleaning skills, the girls help bring me back down.

What every table top ends up looking like:

What my bag ends up looking like:

How's your summer going? Hot? Filled with small children? Or crackers?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A week in pictures


*The new Hello Kitty store at the mall. She was in heaven.

broke my 2-day-old, no-eating-in-the-car rule. 
regretted it.

fire station birthday

 did crafty things

put my shoes on to go running...

but only completed the first part ;)

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, June 07, 2012


caught someone playing during nap time

at least someone thinks I'm funny

a little "me" time at barnes & noble

picking out counters with a design client

my favorite yardsale find...hello, little brass whale. hello, small armadillo

Friday, March 02, 2012

Another first born tale...

If you know me on facebook this will be yesterday's news, but I had to write it here too.
Obviously I need to remember it so I can tell her future boyfriends about it.

Every week has a different letter at Charlotte's preschool. This was the letter "P's" turn.

Every kid was supposed to draw something that started with "P" to put in the "P-Pouch".

I saw pictures hanging up of all kinds of  "P" words...  Ponies, Peanuts, Princesses. 

Charlotte astutely decided that "P" was obviously for Private Parts.

And drew a picture of, quote, 

                      " Just some Bottoms & Nipples "       Obviously.

Monday, February 27, 2012

things of no importance

Tip Top of the Mornin' to you

Blogger is being a total hussy today and keeps deleting everything. I've written this 3 times and now I'm over it. So In no semblance of order or meaning, and with zero editing...some tidbits floating through this mind.

-I've tried color blocking. I've really tried. I still feel like a 3 year old who dressed herself.

-my 3 year old who does indeed dress herself is going to be the end of me. and the beginning of gray hair.
she changes clothes 17 times a day.  completely new ensembles from head to toe, headband to socks. and the most desperately-needed-must-happen-right-this-second outfit changes always happen 3 seconds before I have to walk out the door somewhere. I hope you are a wealthy man, Charlotte's future husband, and can keep her closet filled to the brim. Wealthy and patient.

-I'm a total hypochondriac. 5 minutes watching Dr. Oz and I can feel myself wasting away from any number of terrible illnesses. {"why yes, Dr. O, I do have all 3 warning signs!!"}But in my defense, I've had some really random health issues that are pretty serious mixed in with lots of It's-absolutely-nothing-here's-your-$200-bill-thanks-for-coming. If I win the lottery tomorrow and didn't have to worry about medical expenses from my crummy insurance, the first thing I would do is line up a slew of appointments and blood-workings and smears and scans and have every inch of me checked out. It would be more exciting than planning a trip to belize.  But I did just win the lottery so obviously i would then actually go to belize. {"is there a higher sun index there?? is spf 120 good enough?? did i remember to get that mole checked out!?!"}

-I have lots of friends who home-school their kids. I'm both proud of their commitment and dedication and also deeply mystified by their desire to be with their children every. second. of. the. day.
yes, I will shed some tears when Charlotte trots off to kindergarten. but then I will send up deep prayers of thanks to God that I made it through 5 years of her life with both of us alive,  and {mostly} unmedicated, and breathe a huge sigh of relief. and go back inside to be with Juliette who would then be the same insanely, mind numbingly difficult age that Charlotte is right now. {do my glands look swollen??}

-my husband is wonderful. so patient. good lord, the man is patient. i don't think i've ever sung his praises here and it is about time i did. he's my tall glass of diet coke on a hot summer day and i'm thankful he picked me.

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