Thursday, March 31, 2011

easter idea...

Turn these...

Into this...

...a paint chip easter egg garland

How cute (and free!) is that??

love it.

from this site

Giant know, just a regular Wednesday.

Happy almost-Friday-which-means-its-almost-Saturday, my sweet friendlies!

Today my mind is just all jangly and although I could probably ramble on and do a whole post about each of these different things, I just can't make my brain focus enough to write more than a few cohesive sentences on any one topic. 

If I just look at today, there really isn't that much going on...get up, work, home, clean, kids, bedtime.

But I struggle with breaking everything down into the gritty, small pieces and getting overwhelmed with that, AND then looking way ahead at bigger picture things and getting overwhelmed by them too.

Big or Small...I'm overwhelmed by it all. 

I like to write beautiful rhyming poems like that in my spare time too.

No. no, I don't.

So today I will tell you just one of the many things knocking around in the back of my mind, and will perhaps come back later with the rest of the list.

 I was nearly eaten alive by zoo-escaping spiders yesterday. 

If you are a close friend or my husband, you have already heard me tell this story multiple times and at a very high decibel level, with lots of hand gestures. 

Basically it involves me trying to juggle both girls out to the car, in the POURING rain, and discovering THREE spiders the size of my baby's head, (conveniently snack-sized for them) having a convention of some sort on my car.

 I am not kidding. I have never seen spiders that look like that outside of a pet store or a horror movie. I almost reached out and GRABBED THEM OFF MY CAR with my BARE FREAKING HAND because they were so huge and tarantula looking that I thought they were some sort of fake joke by someone. 

I tried to google image "giant hairy south carolina spiders" but even looking at my computer screen sideways with half slitted eyes made me fling myself backwards and go into seizure like shuddering, so I didn't have my wits about me enough to try to identify what these creatures were.

Long story short....monsoon of rain, me screaming, charlotte screaming because I'm screaming, desperately looking for something to knock them off of my car with, bad words, baby silently staring at me like "why was I given to this lunatic" while fat raindrops roll down her face, shoving of kids into car seats, and that creepy crawly feeling of wanting to tear of all your clothes and run around in circles naked to make sure nothing is clinging to you or hiding in your hair. 

With one hundred percent certainty if one had gotten on me?

   Clothes = Off.   Commence = naked running & flailing    
Husband = bailing wife out of jail for public nudity

The only thing keeping me from insisting that we put a for sale sign in front of our house immediately, is that their bodies are too fat and hairy to squeeze under doors or cracks to get into my house.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time and Words...

...I've been feeling short on both lately.

But I'll be back tomorrow with something a little more wordy.

(How will I ever go about my day without knowing her very latest thoughts?!??. I know this is what you're thinking)

In the meantime, here are some cute things from kid land





recycled mustache crayons here  :)

crochet cupcake rattles here

handmade fuzzy alphabet magnets here

sweet bunting pillow here

apple cozy here

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just some pretty things...

If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, you must.
It's like a giant digital cork board for you to "pin" all your favorite images from all over these lovely internets of ours.
These all give me the fuzzies inside : )

Have a beautiful weekend!!

this one... about to do me in today.

Being two has been hard.

on me. 

She seems to be handling it just fine. 
Since everything and everyone on the planet is obviously here solely for her enjoyment,
she's just skipping right along having a grand old time. 

But oooooh how I adore you, Charlotte Jane.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

700 million things to love...

You guys.

You guys.

Chick fil A's banana pudding milkshake.

In the words of Rachel Zoe... Bananas.   I die.

Go get thee one. Even though it is literally 700 million calories and a large one probably constitutes your entire recommended calorie intake for the day.

Worth it.
Eat your trendy kale chips another day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

C is for Company...

So I've been trying to find some fun pillows and a new rug for the girl's playroom.

I want the space to have more of a "big girl' vibe, with fun colors and patterns,
and I love how paint transforms a room, but man do I hate actually painting it. blargh.

So I want to paint the room a fairly neutral, supporting role kind of color
 and let rugs, pillows and curtains really steal the show. 
That way in a couple of years the playroom could turn into a shared bedroom for them, a family room/office, or maybe a guest room. And *hopefully* keep the same wall color. {probably wishful thinking because I change my mind on colors like every 10 minutes}

All of these guys are from the Company Store and they definitely each have a different vibe, but I could totally see each of them as a potential starting point for the room.

 Like? Dislike? 
Think I'm a controlling mama for not wanting the playroom to be allll pink and purple barbie princess?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It was time...

I finally decided the time had come to get a real big girl hairbrush.

I lost mine 3 weeks ago.

So I've been using this one. For reals.

I borrowed it from a friend of Charlotte's.

She was kind of snooty when I gave it back with a few hairs still stuck in it.

Geez, B. Skinny people can be so cranky.



These freak me......the eff.......out.

I can't handle it.

I don't know why.
When I look at them it's like nails on a chalkboard. But for my eyeballs.

That is all.

As Green As The Grass...

One of my most favorite colors is that bright, new green from trees and bushes that just start to bloom.
Here are some springy green favorites from here, there and everywhere : )
spring green

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