Monday, January 31, 2011

Hugs and Kisses...

I have drugs! Woohoo!

{ If you're new here, I do not have a substance abuse problem.  Besides Diet Coke. Don't Judge.
 I've been sick since...well I don't remember a time before not being sick.  But Doctor + Medicine = Yay }

Enough about that.

Lets talk about Valentine's Day !

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I really love it.
And in this ridiculous, overly sensitive, politically correct world, its one of the only holidays that's just a one is going to cry or get offended if you tell them happy Valentine's Day. 

It's a day that is the perfect excuse to do small, appreciative things
 for your family, friends, neighbors...

A sweet note, a pretty flower, a yummy treat... they don't have to be extravagant or expensive.
The next couple of days I'm going to show you the things I want to do this Valentine's  
for family and friends. 

I want to make cookies or cupcakes  like these...


And wrap them up in a simple, pretty way like this...


And give them to some special friends and neighbors
that have meant a lot to me this year.

At least that's my goal.  Any and all neighbors or friends reading this who get absolutely nothing, do not fear.  I either didn't have time to follow through with my goal or we aren't as good of friends as you thought.
Jokes, just jokes, people. 

Doctors, Drugs & Decorating

Hello friends...hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Everyone else in the family is doing better.
And I sound like an 82 year old man with a 3-pack a day smoking habit. It's quite fetching.
I really want to just dose up on Nyquil, catch up on the Bachelor, and spend the day drooling on a pillow. 

Unfortunately, Charlotte has figured out how to open and unlock doors...She would probably take one look at me passed out, and decide it's a perfect time to go try and gather up all the feral, flea-infested cats living in the woods and bring them into the house. I hear Social Services tends to frown upon that sort of parenting. 

So instead, I'm off to the doctor
 Hopefully I will be given some lovely meds and will be feeling better soon. 

I know you're all as tired of hearing about me being sick as I am, 
so I'll be back later with some super adorable Valentine's Day decorating & cooking ideas!


Friday, January 28, 2011



Sickness has still not left the house. Thankfully Wes is feeling better and was able to get up this morning when the girls did, and I was able to sleep for an extra few hours. Still, all I want to do is this:

One of my sweet neighbors, Ashley, surprised me yesterday by just showing up at my door and taking the girls for two hours so I could have a break. *Heaven*, is where she is from.
Another sweet neighbor, Heather, showed up with a pizza. Take my children and give me unhealthy know the way to this girl's heart, ladies.

 The Plague, part 2 (see the first part here) hit our house on Sunday night with Charlotte getting sick repeatedly throughout the middle of the night. Loads of fun. In laundry terms, literally 3 loads worth. Then I got it Monday. By Tuesday, Wes not only had the flu but had a terrible sinus infection. I have lots of thoughts on "Man Sickness" but that's for another day.   ( lets just say "stop moaning like a woman in labor!" was snapped at him repeatedly)

Now it's Friday, the girls are better, but I still can't get it together and I'm feeling very woe is me-ish. But I haven't been out of the house in 5 days and it's supposed to be a beautiful, *65 and sunny day tomorrow...So I am dragging the family downtown and we will walk around and get fresh air and we will-have-a-good-time-or-else!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We were very fortunate to find a first home that had a great kitchen. We bought in a new neighborhood and were able to make our own selections for things like cabinets and counter tops. Just purchasing a new home was a big enough stretch for us, so we definitely had to go with inexpensive finishes on some things (laminate counters, builder-grade plumbing fixtures, ect.)  But the bones are there and the layout is perfect, so I can't wait to have the time and money to really add the finishing touches. These are some of the inspiration pictures I've been saving away. Some of them I didn't save the reference for, unfortunately. But if you recognize where it's from, let me know & I'll gladly give credit where it's due for these lovely spaces!

This kitchen just feels so light & bright & happy to me. I have tall, white cabinets and love them. I'm not completely crazy about the stainless steel sink and counter combo area, it's just a touch too reminiscent of working at restaurants all through college, but that's just me.

There's a lot I love about this one. The floors are beautiful and look like multi-colored slate. I love that the island is a different color than the rest of the white cabinetry...and how cute is that built in bench? Although it's hard to tell the exact color, I really like the subway tile backsplash (looks like greenish glass?) and how they carried it all the way up to the ceiling in the sink area.

Again, the different colored island is really ringing my bell these days. The pot rack is definitely a dramatic eye-catcher, and if I had beautiful copper pots and spotless stainless steel pans I would hang them up too. My scraggly mismatched collection would not quite be magazine worthy. The dark floors...swoon.  More white cabinets...notice a pattern? 

This is one of my favorite pictures. This house just looks like the kind of place you want to spend time in.  Fairly simple design and nothing overly ornate...but all of it looks so pulled together and...homey. I love the glass front cabinets with painted backs that match the wall color - a great idea to add more depth and make what's in the cabinets stand out...especially if you have lots of white items like they do. And I spy a little topiary weakness. Every time I go to Michael's or TJMaxx they have them and Wes has to pry them out of my hands. 

More topiaries :)
And more white cabinets. I'm nothing if not predictable. I'm glad they did three pendants over the island. Nothing looks sadder than a huge island with one dinky little pendant above it. The woven, natural- wicker bar stools add some needed texture and warmth to the room. Even for a lover of white like me, this is a lot of white. The glass front cabs are lovely, but I might have a nervous breakdown trying to make my glasses and plates look perfect all the time. 

This is another favorite I've had for a long time. I love the huge range hood, and that they kept it from being too industrial by adding the scalloped edge (although I know that might be a bit too feminine & precious for some.) The butcher block island is gorge. That's the front runner to replace my current island top right now. Window treatments add neutral color, and love the to-the-ceiling-subway tiles again.

So pretty. lots of white. Shocking, I know. But it just looks so clean.
I'm craving clean right now after so many weeks of sick people in my house.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A stomach bug has hit our house again,
with all of it's washing sheets and giving kids multiple baths in the middle of the night glory.
Usually I manage to escape the worst of it, and just get some sort of scraggly, not as powerful cousin of the main sickness, which leaves me feeling tired and gross but still able to go about life. 

This time...I'm down for the count and writing in between mad dashes to the bathroom.
We haven't had everyone healthy at the same time since the beginning of November and it's starting to wear on me. 

I'll see you when our house is no longer a black hole of pestilence and disease.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Faves...

I'm a day late. Story of my life. I guess I'm entitled to Saturday Favorites too.
Running Errands
As a mom, this outfit really appeals to me...the super comfy tee and jeans are easy to throw on during the day, then I can add some fun flats and jewelry and go out with the hubs. 
 (perhaps he would like to buy me a few of these things for my birthday, hint hint?)
And some great wardrobe building pieces too...All neutral enough that you can mix and match and wear them with lots of other things. I love the oversize bag that can pull double duty and work as a diaper bag or purse. And the trench is a classic shape that won't go out of style any time soon, but the large tortoise shell buttons add some extra visual interest. And it's only $38. 
Again, Forever 21...I declare my love for you.
Actually everything in this set is ridiculously inexpensive. Even by my cheap standards. The most expensive item is the grey bag, and even that will only set you back $40!

Essential Trench Coat
$38 -

Leapord print flats
$19 -

Karman's Triple Row Orange Beaded Bracelet
$29 -

Eiffel Tower Neckalce
$3.80 -

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fashion...or, did I put underwear on today?

I really love clothes. For those of you see me on a regular basis, I know this is not going to make sense. You will scratch your little heads and say, really? And I will not be offended. Because lately "fashion" for me means putting jeans on to dress up instead of sweatpants, and wearing something "put together" means I remembered to put my bra on before I go to church.

But there was a time when I really did love getting up and putting thought into what I was going to wear that day. I had tons of fun jewelry and shoes...oh the shoes...I still have well over 25 pairs and I've worn the same two  for the last 4 months. I rotate between a pair of moccasin slippers and grey ballet flats. And yes, the slippers are actually made to be worn outside. I haven't completely regressed into wearing a robe, slippers and my hair in curlers out in public...Yet.... I make no promises.

I have at least 10 pairs of heels. Black. Blue. Red. Grey. Brown. Purple. I haven't worn any of them since I left my corporate job almost a year ago. Well, I did attempt to wear some when I had to dress up for a wedding a few months ago. I squeezed my 5-weeks post-baby body into a pre-baby dress, picked out a pair of sexy heels and hoped for the best. It literally took me about 3 hours before I got the hang of walking in them again. I stumbled around trying not to break my ankle and attempting to look like a normal, bra-wearing member of society. When I finally felt like I wouldn't be mistaken for an escaped Amish person, I looked down and realized I had forgotten to shave my legs. I should have wondered why I felt so warm for November.

I would simply like to get dressed and know that if someone saw me out and about, they wouldn't be able to tell whether or not I have kids back at home just by how I look. Not that they would pass me on the street and exclaim "who is that charming and ever-so-stylish young starlet! I wonder what movie is being filmed here in Charleston!" I'm not that delusional. Yet.  But most of the time I can be pegged as a haggard and tired mom from a mile away. Either that, or a homeless person. With dirty sweatpants, crazy eyes and cheerios stuck to my neck you can see how it might be hard to differentiate.

Later, Gators. Don't forget your panties.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Pretty much all of my house with the exception of Charlotte's room is neutral, with lots of white and cream. 
I love rooms with lots of bold accents, I just can't seem to love them in my own space. I think having little kids running around just makes me crave the soothing calm that white brings me. 

I do want to try to inject more fun, bold colors this spring though. These rooms are all making me itch to add an accent wall, some whimsical stripes, or paint some furniture in unexpected colors.

(Annsley McAleer's Boston home, Domino)

(Country Home Mag.)

(country home)

(Jonathan Adler)

(country living)



What about your space? 
Do you go with calming neutrals?...Energizing colors?...a mix of both?


So we're back from our Disney World vacation. Although I use the word "vacation" loosely because when you have two children ages two and under, it's really more of taking all the things you do in everyday life to keep your kids alive... and then adding more. So sunbathing by the pool, drinking something frosty and pink, it is not.

It's schlepping bags and strollers and packing and unpacking and trying to work it all around nap times and feeding schedules and then by the time you sort of get the hang of it, it's time to go home and get everyone back into their regular schedules and routines.

Now before my sweet mother reads this and gets upset and thinks we had a terrible time...(I know you, mom)...It was still fun. It was exhausting, but fun. Charlotte loved all the rides, and meeting her favorite characters. I'm just a bossy control-freak (please pretend to be suitably shocked) and constantly worry about the girls being too hot, too cold, too hungry, too tired, too this, too that.  I'm trying to work on it.
But see, look. Proof of a family vacation.

And by the time we get ready to go again we will have magically forgotten all the tired, cranky parts 
and just remember almost coming to blows with my husband over the best way to fold up a stroller in front of lots of staring people  the fun parts :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

family vacay...

Sorry I've been absent lately folks...
I've been busy with the family here:

  And a little bit of here:

Be back soon!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Fluffy Squares of Love...Friday Faves

Happy Friday Friends!

These are a few of my faaaavorite things....
(please picture me singing and twirling Sound Of Music style)

I love pillows. 

Or "piddows" as we say around here, because the "L" sound is an elusive skill that some small members of the family have yet to fully master.

And yes, I know that most of these pillows are priced out of reach for most normal pillow purchasers, but I love them anyway and they will all be mine when I win the lottery.

I will purchase them right after I pay cash for a house by the sea,  two ponies, a turquoise Vespa scooter, a maid, a nanny, a chef, a personal-sized Mcdonalds french-fry maker, and a hairless sphinx cat. 

(What? You don't plan your lottery spending in advance? You've got to keep your fictional money organized, people.)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

When It Rains...

This morning Charlotte was running around at breakneck speeds with gloves on her feet (?)
yelling something about her roller skates being broken,

(the child does not own roller skates)

and declaring her immediate need for her froggy-sippy cup,

(which has been missing for at least 5 months and I tell her that every day)

taking off her clothes for the 15th time and demanding to know where her bathing suit is because its raining outside and of course you wear bathing suits in the water.

(it's hard to argue with 2-year old logic)

In an attempt to distract her, I told her to go say hello to the baby 
who was in her bouncy seat on the floor.
Charlotte walked over, leaned an inch from Juliette's face,
and yelled at the top of her lungs


Juliette jerked awake and then started screeching in terror from the surprise 
of being so unceremoniously woken up, which startled Charlotte and made her start crying. 

Oh.  Much better.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Etsy Love...

If you don't already know about Etsy, you're missing out. You probably do. But humor me. 
It's an amazing online marketplace for users to sell handmade or vintage items. I could  spend hours browsing through all the vendors...I'm continually blown away by how talented and artistic people are. 
And even for the ones that really...well...aren't so creative or amazing...
(A stuffed potato made out of pantyhose with googely eyes? really?)
...I'm still impressed with their gumption to try something, make something, put something out there for other people to see.

Every once in a while I'm going to share an Etsy vendor who I love. I wish I had the money to snatch up all of their lovelies, but since I don't, maybe some of you rich moneybags will go and support an artist!

Kristi is the owner of Etsy shop "A Life Through The Lens"
She is a self-taught photographer who's images are so simple and sweet, with a touch of nostalgia.

She has lots more, but those are just some of my favorites.
Most of her prints are 8 X 10 and around $20. 
She also has photo calendars that use one of her beautiful images for each month. 
So perfect for an office....yours or a a friend whose birthday is March 2nd. Just Saying...

Go visit Kristi's Shop. It'll give you a few moments of calm if nothing else. 



While searching for something completely unrelated on Google,
I just found this picture. 

One Bite.

That is how I will eat you up.

You tiny,  fuzzely, smuzzely morsel, you. 

That is all. You can go on about your important business now.

Happy Tuesday...

May your day be a little more like this:

And a little less of this


Monday, January 03, 2011

For You...

Easy Breezy...

With all the Christmas decorations put away...
( since 11am Christmas morning. I know. I'm a grinch)
...I've been thinking ahead to spring already.

I put together this Living Room inspiration board
 using my constant favorite combo of beachy blues and greens.

 I would actually go bold and paint the walls the darker of the two paint colors. 
In a room with lots of sun and white furniture, I think the room could hold it's own 
against the saturated, nearly-navy shade. 
And the trio of sunburst mirrors would help to bounce light around the space. 

I also really love the rug. It's indoor/outdoor fabric which is fab for sticky little hands 
and toddler (& husband) spills.

Coastal Inspired Living Room

Poetry Rug - Outdoor Rugs - Synthetic Rugs - Rugs |, $128
Willow Sofa, $1,699
Pier 1 Imports - Banana Armchair, $270
Flutter :: Sea Pillows :: Blue Squid Hook Pillow, $62
Lighting Bridgett Pendant Lamp, $210
Era Coffee Table | Crate&Barrel, $499
DwellStudio Home Diamond Gate Azure Pillow, $58
Thelma Stamp Throw Pillow - Decorative Pillows - Home Accents - Home..., $5
Benjamin Moore® Aura® Paint - Hale Navy | Pottery Barn, $6.49
solid, slanted, stool, wood, side table, stools, | Wisteria, $249
Taboret Stool / Side Table - Burke Decor, $288
Metro Bronze Swing Arm Floor Lamp, $149
Suzanne Kasler Starburst Mirror #3 - Ballard Designs, $149
Benjamin Moore® Aura® Paint - Azores | Pottery Barn, $6.49
Suzanne Kasler Sunburst Mirror #4 - Ballard Designs, $99
Small Peridot Vase, $30
Starburst Wall Mirror - Hobby Lobby
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