Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fashion...or, did I put underwear on today?

I really love clothes. For those of you see me on a regular basis, I know this is not going to make sense. You will scratch your little heads and say, really? And I will not be offended. Because lately "fashion" for me means putting jeans on to dress up instead of sweatpants, and wearing something "put together" means I remembered to put my bra on before I go to church.

But there was a time when I really did love getting up and putting thought into what I was going to wear that day. I had tons of fun jewelry and shoes...oh the shoes...I still have well over 25 pairs and I've worn the same two  for the last 4 months. I rotate between a pair of moccasin slippers and grey ballet flats. And yes, the slippers are actually made to be worn outside. I haven't completely regressed into wearing a robe, slippers and my hair in curlers out in public...Yet.... I make no promises.

I have at least 10 pairs of heels. Black. Blue. Red. Grey. Brown. Purple. I haven't worn any of them since I left my corporate job almost a year ago. Well, I did attempt to wear some when I had to dress up for a wedding a few months ago. I squeezed my 5-weeks post-baby body into a pre-baby dress, picked out a pair of sexy heels and hoped for the best. It literally took me about 3 hours before I got the hang of walking in them again. I stumbled around trying not to break my ankle and attempting to look like a normal, bra-wearing member of society. When I finally felt like I wouldn't be mistaken for an escaped Amish person, I looked down and realized I had forgotten to shave my legs. I should have wondered why I felt so warm for November.

I would simply like to get dressed and know that if someone saw me out and about, they wouldn't be able to tell whether or not I have kids back at home just by how I look. Not that they would pass me on the street and exclaim "who is that charming and ever-so-stylish young starlet! I wonder what movie is being filmed here in Charleston!" I'm not that delusional. Yet.  But most of the time I can be pegged as a haggard and tired mom from a mile away. Either that, or a homeless person. With dirty sweatpants, crazy eyes and cheerios stuck to my neck you can see how it might be hard to differentiate.

Later, Gators. Don't forget your panties.


  1. haha bri! i remember all of the shoes! you kept about half of them in the trunk of your car. :) xoxo. miss you!

  2. youre too funny! i saw your blog on my facebook homefeed & since its naptime i checked it out. im so glad im not the only one who goes out in public looking like a mom. i didnt used to be this way. i wouldve NEVER thought of not drying my hair when going out. now, i dry my hair on special occasions & holidays. the last time was Christmas Eve. The next time will probably be tomorrow for my anniversary dinner....probably.


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