Tuesday, July 03, 2012

It's hot. It's really, really hot. And other observational gems.

Heat makes me cranky. 
So do two-year-olds.
I have both. so obviously we're having a swell time.

 We're all trying to wear as little as possible. That helps with the heat.

I got to go to the pool. Alone. That helps with the two-year-old. The lack-of.
I even took a picture in the pool bathroom. Alone. Rare.

I've brought a little more summer to the house...a new reading nook in the kitchen, some happy flowers from trader joes, an organized coffee station, and a cleaned-out kid's drawer. 

And just so I don't start feeling too good about my cleaning skills, the girls help bring me back down.

What every table top ends up looking like:

What my bag ends up looking like:

How's your summer going? Hot? Filled with small children? Or crackers?

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