Saturday, February 26, 2011

Let the Sun Shine In {Part 2}

I accidentally posted this earlier, but without any info 
on all these pretty sunshine-colored finds!

Let The Sun Shine In!

Tea party dress                                 Hope your weekend has a bright spot of sun in it...
$57 -                                    Even if you have to bring it yourself!

Qupid flat
$19 -

Diba summer shoes
$60 -

Suboo yellow bag
$110 -

Kate Spade yellow jewelry
$78 -

Golden Classic yellow jewelry
$20 -

Old Navy beading jewelry
$9.50 -

Marc Jacobs printed scarve
$450 -

Folding umbrella
$125 -

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretty Bits

Guess where all of these lovelies are from??

I always loved Old navy for their inexpensive basics, like T's, tanks and jeans.
But their jewelry always seemed a little adolescent. 
They've stepped it up a bit with their new spring offerings though...I think these could double for some very similar {and much pricier}JCrew and Stella & Dot versions I've seen lately.

Seen any spring must-haves yet??

Just Because...

There is no rhyme or reason to this post. 
It's just because these knit owl hats from Etsy are

Precious little muffins not included :)

I'm going to go tell Charlotte she has to eat broccoli and take a bath
and watch the meltdown to remind myself that I'm not having any more

The Big 3...

So Charlotte is turning 3 in May.
And I really want to make it special, in as much as our shoestring budget will allow.
The child doesn't even really know what having a birthday party is like.
She surely doesn't remember her 1st one, and we didn't even do a thing for her 2nd one, which I still feel badly about. I was in my first trimester with Juliette, 
and was really sick and had to be on an IV the day she turned two :(
But this year she's been to several friend's parties, 
and she already asks all the time when she's going to have a birthday. 
I feel as though cake is her main motivator for this,
 but I'm using it as an excuse to decorate the heck out of my house.

If you've been around the decorating block, so to speak, you know that Amy Atlas is the queen of desert tables. I feel like that would be just SUCH a fun job. Her amazing spreads are breathtaking and steal the show at any party or wedding. At several thousand dollars, they will also straight steal your wallet.
But I really want to have a desert table at Charlotte's party, and these are amaaaazing inspiration.

This sweet table by a small catering company is definitely more do-able for me to replicate, and also uses the same colors I think I want to use for the party. I know tissue paper poms have been done to death and I couldn't care less. I've never gotten to do them so by cracky I'm going to hang them all over the whole darn house!!
{yeah. I'm bringing "by cracky" back too}

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

for you...

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see
Hebrews 11:1

Oh, Canada...

Our neighbors to the north have provided us with many things.
Justin Bieber.
Alex Trebek.
Bacon that is round
{which is really just ham, but poor canada...we'll let them have something}
I kid.

But I do not joke about how awesome Canadian House & Home magazine is.
If you don't get swoony, or at least a little inspired by these spaces...
well I just don't know if we are going to like each other. 

I know there are some people that are all "let a kids room just be a kids room"
but I think spaces for little ones can be fun and still fit in with the design of your home.
This room is a great example of that.

The color. the beadboard. the sink

luuuve the deeply stained stairs and railing..and all that paneling. l.o.v.e.

more dark stairs. major statement wallpaper

so dreamy...those puddling drapes, the sheepskin rug, wideplank floors. 

not safe for prying little hands in my house, but still love the look

i really heart zebra-inspired patterns with anything teal or turquoise.
although not sure how I feel about that particular shade of pink with the pinky-beige moldings and built-ins.
 it's feeling a little "grandma Ethel's florida house" to me. Maybe if they were crisp white or grey?

there isn't one thing I don't love about this.


I definitely don't know if I could do all that pattern in my own house,
 but still fun

One more day until the weekend lovey doveys :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I met Wes, we fell in love, got married,
and roughly two years later we had a sweet baby girl we named 

roughly two and a half years after that this happened:

I poured myself a glass of apple juice into a wine glass.
 Sometimes I think glass cups can smell like wet dog. I know. It's weird. 
But my regular cups all smelled funny after their last time in the dishwasher and it grossed me out. 
so. recap: juice. wine glass.

Charlotte woke up from her nap
...Just as Juliette woke up from her nap

I start changing the baby's diaper

Charlotte yells down to me 
that she's SO hot, her room is SO hot, she doesn't like her room, stomping, whining, 
hates room, still hot, lots of hate, ect.

I walk away from the bed where I'm changing the diaper to yell up the stairs to sass-pants that if certain attitudes do not correct themselves someone will be spending lots more time in their awful, hate-filled, too-hot room.

I look down and realize I'm holding a diaper. 
Which means the baby is not wearing it.

{the spiral begins}

dash back to baby.

too late. sheets. blankets. washing machine.

Charlotte stomps downstairs wearing her bathing suit, two different socks, 
and a nasty look on her face.

Me: You can NOT wear that.
For the millionth time, we do NOT wear bathing suits 
when it's cold outside. Go put real clothes on.

Her: But I. Am. HOTTTT!!! 
{dissolves into hysterics on the floor}

Me: It's 68. not hot. clothes. NOW.
{please understand that I have an exact replica of this conversation 
and I do not make my child live in a boiling sauna}


Calmly step over screaming toddler. Pick up glass of juice. Pick up baby.

Door Bell Rings

Answer Door. Expect husband, neighbor, or fedex man.

It's a man. lost. asking for directions.

He stares at me. Then at Charlotte writhing on the floor. 
Then at my naked baby.
Then at me. 
Then at my glass of what clearly looks like a HUGE-ass serving of chardonnay.
 At 3:00 in the afternoon.

Before I can even try to help him, he says
"it's ok ma'am. it looks like you...have your hands full here."
and then backs down the steps.

to his car.

to probably call child services.

Happy Wednesday, dolls.

Monday, February 21, 2011

bon voyage

So in my last post, where I showed you a tiny glimpse into my world,
...where every moment is a fine line

 between wanting to just sit all day in a giant nest of love and feathers 
and smooch and cuddle my children all day,

...and wanting to pack my bags full of prozac and bikinis and head for paradise, alone.

I showed you a picture of the first place google decided was paradise.

The Las Ventanas Al Paraiso Resort, in Los Cabos, Mexico.

 Well I went back and told google to tell me more sweet stories of this place.
 And, is worth cashing in your husbands life insurance policy for
taking a closer look.

downside: rooms start at around $2,500..a night. 

very high, high upside: this is a strictly age 18 & above resort only. Perfect.

Taking into account my current salary, 
and how long it will take to save up for this vacation,
my 95 year old self will be happy to send you a postcard from paradise.

Adios, amigos.

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