Monday, January 31, 2011

Doctors, Drugs & Decorating

Hello friends...hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Everyone else in the family is doing better.
And I sound like an 82 year old man with a 3-pack a day smoking habit. It's quite fetching.
I really want to just dose up on Nyquil, catch up on the Bachelor, and spend the day drooling on a pillow. 

Unfortunately, Charlotte has figured out how to open and unlock doors...She would probably take one look at me passed out, and decide it's a perfect time to go try and gather up all the feral, flea-infested cats living in the woods and bring them into the house. I hear Social Services tends to frown upon that sort of parenting. 

So instead, I'm off to the doctor
 Hopefully I will be given some lovely meds and will be feeling better soon. 

I know you're all as tired of hearing about me being sick as I am, 
so I'll be back later with some super adorable Valentine's Day decorating & cooking ideas!


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