Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Too pretty to eat...

While browsing around cooking and baking sites... 
 looking at recipes and pictures...
searching for inspiration for Charlotte's 3rd birthday...
Two thoughts occurred to me.

First: I remembered I do not bake or cook.

 I do not own a rolling pin, a mixer, flour, baking powder, or a complete set of measuring spoons.
 I think I might have the 1/4 a cup somewhere, but it's likely that Charlotte is using it to dig holes in the backyard.

Looking at baking sites is pretty much the same as me reading up on how to captain a yacht, or capture a wild mongoose, or workout at a gym...
all completely preposterous undertakings and likely involve sweating...so, no.
And yet I still spend my time on cooking blogs instead of useful things like bathing my children.

Second: I found a site that is such a treat to look at, whether you like to bake or not, 
and I had to share it with you.

*I must warn you, you are going to want to order some of her amazing creations...

Please do yourself a favor and go visit Amanda at 

These should convince you:

How amazing is that fruit topped rainbow cake?!?

She can obviously bake her little fanny off. 
And not only does she share lovely pictures,
 But she shares the recipes and guides you through step-by-step how to do it yourself.

She also does custom orders for birthdays, showers and special events...
 {like those fun Volkswagen Van cookies she made for a child's party!}
...her pricing and info are all on her site.

Amanda's other blog
chronicles the rest of her life being a wife and mom 
when she's not whipping things up in the kitchen.
{her kids are just as delicious as her cakes, by the way}

Sweet Dreams! 

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