Thursday, February 03, 2011

Mad for Modcloth...

Keeping in line with this month of all things lovey and dovey...
How gorgeous are these dresses & tops? 
Perfect for a Valentine's date, no?
I've never ordered anything from Modcloth, but I would gladly add all of these to my closet.
(you hear that, Modcloth!?)

valentines day


  1. Bri,

    I love modcloth too, although they tend to be too steep for my blood. I've noticed, however, that everything there tends to be poorly made. For the most part, exact duplicates of their clothes can be found by scouring Forever 21's website. Don't believe me? Pop the names of your favorites into Google's shopping search.

    hugs and kisses!

  2. or, at least that's how I find my favorites cheaper.. I typed before I tried it on any of yours. hahaha

  3. cute! Love the long maxi dress!


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