Friday, February 25, 2011

The Big 3...

So Charlotte is turning 3 in May.
And I really want to make it special, in as much as our shoestring budget will allow.
The child doesn't even really know what having a birthday party is like.
She surely doesn't remember her 1st one, and we didn't even do a thing for her 2nd one, which I still feel badly about. I was in my first trimester with Juliette, 
and was really sick and had to be on an IV the day she turned two :(
But this year she's been to several friend's parties, 
and she already asks all the time when she's going to have a birthday. 
I feel as though cake is her main motivator for this,
 but I'm using it as an excuse to decorate the heck out of my house.

If you've been around the decorating block, so to speak, you know that Amy Atlas is the queen of desert tables. I feel like that would be just SUCH a fun job. Her amazing spreads are breathtaking and steal the show at any party or wedding. At several thousand dollars, they will also straight steal your wallet.
But I really want to have a desert table at Charlotte's party, and these are amaaaazing inspiration.

This sweet table by a small catering company is definitely more do-able for me to replicate, and also uses the same colors I think I want to use for the party. I know tissue paper poms have been done to death and I couldn't care less. I've never gotten to do them so by cracky I'm going to hang them all over the whole darn house!!
{yeah. I'm bringing "by cracky" back too}

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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