Monday, February 21, 2011

My day in numbers...

3....times that Charlotte calmly called down the stairs 
to tell me that there was a mouse in her room.

5...minutes before I fully realized what she was saying, 
and that there might be some chance she was actually serious.

1...number of heart attacks my out of shape body almost had from
sprinting up the stairs, carrying the baby, to save my child from a room full of rabies-carrying rodents

also 1...number of imaginary mice that were not in Charlotte's room, because "don't worry mommy"
she had used a mousekatool to catch them.
{if you don't have a toddler & have no reason to watch 
mickey mouse clubhouse, this will mean nothing to you}
Suffice to say, mice-no.
vivid imagination-yes

7...dirty diapers changed.
{are my kids guzzling down prunes when I'm not looking?!}

5, 6, 7,  8 -tantrums {and counting}

-lunch options given

3 -lunch options met with a , "NO, I don't WANT it!!"

12 -times asked for candy for lunch
-longing glances at my tylenol pm bottle

- Charlotte shoe changes
-Charlotte wardrobe changes
5 -bottles given
-ouchies kissed
10,000 -more hairs fallen out of my nearly-bald head from stress

0 -showers taken by me
-time outs

24 -clock checks to see if its nap time yet
3 -times the baby napped...for 5 minutes each
{what to do with all this glorious free time...?}

time: 9:23 am

$527 - cost of a one way ticket to here
Las Ventanas Al Paraiso resort, cabo san lucas, mexico

anyone care to join me?

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