Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life Lessons...

 If your child tells you they have a dirty diaper, and you say, "no you don't". 
And then they tell you again a few minutes later, and you say "no, mommy just changed you, you're fine."
And then four milliseconds later they again insist on being changed...

Try to remember that you have sinuses clogged up tighter than...well, just really clogged up...and you can't smell anything, before you tell them "fine, go ahead and take it off and put a new pull-up on" because you think they just want to change pull-ups for the millionth time that day and don't really need it.

Just because you can't smell something, doesn't mean it isn't there...if you get my drift.

The scene I came upon in the bathroom a few minutes later would cause the monkey cage cleaners at a zoo to recoil in horror. 

Not just the cleaners. The monkeys themselves might be shocked too.

Charlotte had happily pulled her (aptly named) pull-up off, dropping what was in it into the bathtub, covered the whole thing up with a mile of toilet paper and called it a day. 

Anyway...mess cleaned up and I must dash...

Wes just got home and I screeched at him:
OF BEVERLY HILLS IS COMING ON!!!" as my only greeting
and then pounced on the remote like a rabid ferret. 
(or at least how I imagine a ferret would pounce. They seem like the pouncey type)

In response, he grabbed the last of the Diet Coke and drank it all in front of me.

Well played,sir....Well played.

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