Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No words...

Today the girls and I went to McDonalds. (or, Mickey & Donald's as we say around here, because Charlotte loves her some Disney Channel). It had been a day already. Charlotte was in rare form, I was frustrated over a last minute change in scheduling which left me without the alone time I thought I was getting, and I needed a cold diet coke like a waffle needs a biscuit needs a....I just needed it people!

The cup holders in the front console were both filled with cups already (evidence of not enough time for grocery shopping and too many drive-through trips)

So I put my frosty diet coke between my legs, juggled Charlotte's apple juice, and drove up to the trashcan they have outside.

Juliette was having a grand time chewing on Charlotte's sandal, just out of her grasp, and it was melt. down. city. in the backseat.

I looked outside, made sure I was within throwing distance of the trashcan, turned around to the backseat and shouted gave gentle words of wisdom, like "maybe if you didn't fling off your sandals in a wild fit of rage, it wouldn't have landed in your sister's carseat and thus in her mouth!!!"

Then I hauled off and really threw the old cups out the window.

The Closed...Window...That I forgot to open

I sat there in shock with my mouth open as three day old coffee and watered down dr pepper dripped from my hair and puddled in my bra while Charlotte, thinking it was her precious drink that had met it's demise, shrieked in bitter anguish


If I can get the moldy coffee creamer residue out of my contacts, I'll see you Wednesday.


  1. Oh dear. I am sorry but this cracked me up! Hope the day improves!

  2. Hahahaha!!! That is hilarious! Sorry you're having such a rough least you got your diet coke!!

    P.S. I would have paid big bucks to watch you throw cups into a closed window....

    P.S.S. Think McDonalds caught everything on their outdoor surveillance camera?

  3. I hope that they did Wesley...I hope that they did.

  4. ughhhhhhhhhh so crappy. you and wes deserve a vaycay. or maybe just you. wes can maybe come too?

  5. Oh sister, I hear you. I am laughing out loud though, thank you for the comic enjoyment. I like to throw words of wisdom into the backseat myself - yesterday we had a 'mickey donald's' adventure ourselves and my son had a total meltdown because they did not have the 'batman' toy he'd been anticipating. it took about 10 min to explain that superboy would be a good replacement. aaak!

  6. This is so something I would do!! That sucks though. Now you have me dreaming of McDonalds.....


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