Saturday, April 30, 2011

Etsy Love...Mother's Day Edition

Sometimes your husband just might need a subtle hint, dropped into casual conversation.

Other times he might need a direct link emailed to him with detailed instructions.

I'm going to go with the latter ;)

Here are some Etsy lovelies I just can't get out of my head...

itsy bitsy initial  necklaces...I'd like one with a "c" and one with a "j" girls' initials

Summer Time Canvas Tote

A pair of these...for my favorite chubby baby feet

...and a bright, twirly skirt for her sister

And this set of three prints to cheer up my hallway

What would you love to get (or give!)  for Mothers Day??


  1. i love all of your choices! lovely!!!! especially those JOlieBerry shoes, to die for. and the wall prints.

  2. I'm not a mom yet, but these are all great choices! I think the itsy bitsy initial necklace is my favorite- so precious!

  3. The necklace is so dainty, love that! I hope you find yourself wearing one for Mother's Day!


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