Thursday, April 28, 2011

Custom Monogrammed Email freebie!! So fun!! And did I mention..Free!

You guys. You guyssss. (my voice got all high and squeaky on that last one)

You have to go check out MeebleMail.  I just found out about this fun freebie from Shelli.

It lets you design custom monogrammed emails that look like personalized stationary, with designers like Trina Turk and Lela Rose lending their pattern inspiration. There are hundreds of designs to choose from, tons of fonts, and it works with your normal email provider.

I think the best part is you don't have to use your stationary template all the time.You just click a button when you want to use it.  (So if you use your regular email for work purposes, you can send normal old emails out and not have your boss or clients wonder why your email suddenly has a pink octopus and says Hugs and Kisses at the bottom. Or if your boss wouldn't even bat an eye at that, maybe you have some boundary issues. But that's another post all together)

It's a beta-site, which means it's in the testing phase before they do a full-scale launch, 
so IT IS FREE :)
*hint: when go to "pay", put "gift card" in as the payment method and make sure it says "freebie" as the promo code. 

Go do it!! And someone pleeease email me : )   I want to see what you chose!!

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