Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guest Room Gorgeousness...

 One of the reasons that we bought our house was that even with a growing family, we would still have the space for a guest room. I always wanted to have a home where family and friends could come and always feel welcome.

These are all guest rooms from one of my favorite mags: Canadian House & Home

by designer Sarah Richardson
{she is my faaavorite}

Designer: Kathryn M. Ireland

Designer: Lynda Reeves
{love a diagonal bed}

Designer: Jill Kantelberg

Designer: Holly Dyment

Designer: unsure...but have you ever seen a more romantic bed??

Designer: again, the headboard and color palette 

Designer: Melody Duron
{dreamy...your guests wont want to leave}

from the July 2009 issue

Oh, Canadians....
You and your amazing magazines.

And your bacon.

Both delicious. 

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