Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Katie for Loft...

I love Katie Holmes....

 Tom Cruise is a wackadoo, and his whole scientology thing kind of weirds me out.
but Katie...I heart you.

I think her new pictures featuring Ann Taylor Loft's spring collection are lovely.

Loft is kind of hit or miss for me. Sometimes I can find pieces I love, and they're always really classic items that I keep for a long time. But other times they seem to lean a little "more mature" for me. 
Here's some things I'm liking right now:

Dobby Seersucker Blazer

watercolor pebble print skirt

charlotte ruffle trim sheath

turquoise chip and pave rounds earrings

chambray sailor trouser pants

thoughts on loft? 
my girl katie?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I thought it was an odd choice for LOFT at first, but it totally works. The pics are pretty.

  2. I love her too. She is pretty and cute at the same time. :-)

    I love the LOFT. It's good for work attire and sometimes a party dress/skirt.

    Those sailor pants are super!

  3. I too love me some Katie Holmes. Obsessed with her hair in the pic of her in the blue suit. great post......makes me want to shop at loft, which must mean their advertising is working b/c i've never been in there before!

  4. I really love those pants....I might have to have them! Katie is beautiful, but her husband is a nut!


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