Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Three-Way: Yellow & Grey Edition

Good Moooorning to you friends!

Here's this week's Three Way:
Yellow  &  Grey
Three outfits, three shoe options, & some jewelry picks

{all brought to you by Old Navy*}

*I love looking at gorgeous designer options just as much as the next girl,
 but sometimes it's nice to see something a little more in my price range! : )

three way: yellow and grey

What would you pick??
Old navy dress
$30 -

Old Navy smock top
$23 -

Old Navy striped top
$5 -

Old Navy embroidered skirt
$30 -

Old Navy skinny leg jeans
$25 -

Old Navy open toe shoes
$25 -

Old Navy embroidered shoes
$20 -

Old Navy flower shoes
$13 -

Old Navy beading jewelry
$15 -

Old Navy cord necklace
$13 -

Old Navy metal jewelry
$9.50 -

Old Navy beaded bangle
$11 -

Old Navy daisy jewelry
$9.50 -

1 comment:

  1. love yellow and grey! the one in the middle is awesome.


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