Wednesday, March 23, 2011

C is for Company...

So I've been trying to find some fun pillows and a new rug for the girl's playroom.

I want the space to have more of a "big girl' vibe, with fun colors and patterns,
and I love how paint transforms a room, but man do I hate actually painting it. blargh.

So I want to paint the room a fairly neutral, supporting role kind of color
 and let rugs, pillows and curtains really steal the show. 
That way in a couple of years the playroom could turn into a shared bedroom for them, a family room/office, or maybe a guest room. And *hopefully* keep the same wall color. {probably wishful thinking because I change my mind on colors like every 10 minutes}

All of these guys are from the Company Store and they definitely each have a different vibe, but I could totally see each of them as a potential starting point for the room.

 Like? Dislike? 
Think I'm a controlling mama for not wanting the playroom to be allll pink and purple barbie princess?

1 comment:

  1. I like the first one or the third one the best for a play room. :)


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