Wednesday, March 09, 2011

a little of this, a little of that... brain. it hurts.

The husband has been working some long days and nights, and the bedtime routine has been all on me. It doesn't sound like it should be that tricky to get two kids in bed, but my 5 month old, Juliette, always seems to fall asleep right before Charlotte, my 2-going-on-20 year old is ready to go to bed.

So the baby is still in a just fell asleep and can startle awake easily stage, while I'm dragging the other one up the stairs, fingers clawing at the walls, hollering that she's not tired, neeeds a drink, is too cold, too hot, and will also likely starve to death if she doesn't immediately have a snack.

If you didn't know, 2 year olds are super great at using their inside voices.

So now the baby is awake again.

Sometimes the whole process can cycle through several times before I'm finally the last man standing.

 I'm not a feminist. I like to have strong, virile, handsome men do absolutely everything for me regardless of whether I can do it myself or not, so I don't feel the need to substitute "woman" for "man" in every possible phrase or saying. That kind of business really annoys me. side note. just sayin'

I digress.

Add in a still waking up at night baby, a toddler who has been testing both my patience and my resistance to stiff drinks, and not enough alone time.

The whole point is that by the time I get around to writing a new post, my brain is just a frazzley, jangly mess. That's why I've had an abundance of photo-heavy posts and style boards lately.

Feel lucky that you're just getting the frazzley written version . In person it's even more of a verbally-stunted mess. The other day I was talking to a friend and kept having to ask, "did I already say that out loud, or did I just say it in my head?" with every other sentence.

But Wes is finally able to take it easy this week, I have my weekly small group with some super sweet girls from church tonight, and then friday is dinner with some gal pals {that was for you Liz}

And, AND, I just realized that I switched my work schedule to be off thursday because Wes has an all day out of town conference, but we already paid for the girls' half day daycare/preschool because I usually work all day on thursdays. Are you following me here??

It means I have four hours of unaccompanied time to fill.  What will I do with myself!!

I'm considering getting myself a giant diet coke and then getting some new books from the library.

But I don't want you to judge me for being such a wild, loose woman.

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  1. Go get a massage or a mani/pedi! Treat yourself. :-)


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