Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday...

{and really wednesday, why must you be spelled like that? I have to spell it out in my head every time i write it. And you too, february. annoying.}

just some things i think are...well...wonderful.


apple sandwich with peanut butter, granola & chocolate chips
must. make. immediately 

watermelon hearts
simple & sweet

pretty hair 

italy. somday. please and thank you.

*all* of the paintings from this beautiful etsy shop

swinging beds. by the beach. could there be anything better?

Halfway to the weekend again deary dears


  1. Apple sandwich looks great!


  2. I luuuurve this post! So happy and sweet, and in a nice genuine way not in a shmaltzy way :) And by the way, I'm going to work those watermelon cut outs HARD this summer.

  3. I have that same hair pic saved, I love it! And the pb sandwich looks so good. Don't get me started on those beach swings...I want to be there now!!!

  4. That dress is beautiful. A hello from your newest follower.


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