Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Canvas wish list...

Good lord, does Shabby Apple actually sell any of their dresses? Every time I open my eyeballs someone is having a give-a-way on their blog for one of them. {No hate, Shabby Apple. I heart your clothes. your publicity person is just a busy beaver, that's all}


This is actually about how much I've been digging the newest endeavor of the old classic, Land's End...their Canvas line. Katie from Bower Power has written about some of the cute things she's gotten, and I decided to check it out.

I know. Land's End makes you think about moose, and flannel, and fuzzy slippers. Maybe just me?

But they've attempted a more modern look with Canvas, and there are several things I honestly would love to add to my summer wardrobe. {I've chosen to say "wardrobe", instead of "things I'd like to add to the pile of clothes in my closet that may or not get hung up someday" in an attempt to fool you about the level of both class and cleanliness in this establishment)


  1. SO CUTE! I might have to place an order...

  2. I just found your blog - so cute. I think the same thing re Shabby Apple - everywhere, everyday...
    Love the white jeans...going to check them out.

  3. oh i love these--i really love land's end. thanks for passing it on.


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