Friday, May 20, 2011

The Week in review...

I haven't posted in a week....eeep. 
Lots of living has been done, and I just haven't made the time to write about it.
We had a small birthday party for Charlotte...the big 3. 

She's just a grown, sassy woman of the world now.
please excuse Juliette's extra flexy toes in the foreground.

Since my mom was in town for the party, we took full advantage...hightailing it to Hilton Head Island for two days and left her to spoil the girls rotten.

Sea Pines is an enclosed community on the south end of the Island and it is my New. Favorite. 
Quiet, beautiful, serene...
Full of gorgeous old oaks and swaying moss, random swings and benches tucked under the branches, precious little pastry shops, and this time of year...very few children and oodles of old retired couples taking up all the rocking chairs. Perfect

And they have stables. with horses. 
And a petting zoo. 
I was more excited than the 4 year olds. As you will see from the 103233 pictures I will share with you later. I kept screeching at my husband "Did you get it!?? Did you get me and the donkey?!!"
We have maybe 2 pictures of us together on the trip. A quick glance through all the photos makes it appear we spent 30 seconds at a beach, 30 seconds by some harbor, and approximately one month mucking around a stable full of livestock, petting chickens.

It's always hard for me to come back to real life though. That collision of quiet car rides and comfortable silences into tantrums and diaper changes.
 I missed the girls though, and couldn't wait to get back to see them. We even left a few hours earlier than planned because I wanted to come back and get my fill of gangly toddler arms and legs and rolly-polly baby thighs. I had this vision of Charlotte running to me, arms wide, ready for a hug after all the time apart.

Nothing of the kind. Grandma had gotten her 10 new dresses, new shoes, and we could have taken a 30 day cruise around the world for all she cared. 

Be back later with party details and pictures of goat asses and chickens. Take deep breaths if the excitement overwhelms you.

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