Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Of birthdays and hair....

So I'm already feeling like this might be a longish sort of post, so I'm putting the best part first...a nifty little hair trick I stumbled upon...you need to try this one out...foolproof. Seriously. This fool tried it.

So this is by far the easiest way to get beachy-waves in your hair...no curling iron needed.
 All you need is a stretchy headband. I found it here on Meredith's blog first, and I just had to share.

 The girl's hair in the video is already kind of wavy and thick, and mine is super thin and long and it still worked and I loved it. (this video is kind of long, but the gist of it is...you put a stretchy headband on around your forehead, hippy style. Then you just wrap small strips of hair around and under it.)

My version, (on the right) from a friend's birthday party....
You may think I'm playing fast and loose with the term "beachy waves" here, but the fact that my hair was anything other than stick straight for more than 2 minutes without having to spray the frickity-frack out of it with hairspray is a miracle.
A miracle I tell you.
So rest assured it will probably turn out even better on your own pretty head.

*Tips: for even curlier waves, take a shower, wait till hair is 80-90% dry, wrap it and then sleep on it.
I rushed the process because I have the patience of a flea, and only let it dry for a couple of hours. And it was still a nice improvement from my usual method of throwing it up in a ponytail and picking out the stray cheerios. {I have a baby. That will be my excuse until she's 14}

We also celebrated Charlotte's 3rd Birthday...

with polka-dot cupcakes...

and polka-dot dresses

and purple pompom balls

and shooting the breeze with best friends
{you like my 1974 school cafeteria chairs? yes you do.}

My sweet Charlotte Jane. You're the one who made me a mom. 
And your sweet baby smell is fading.
Replaced with shocking displays of foot-stomping sass
I want you to grow up and stay small all at the same time and it hurts my heart a little. 

And not to be outdone,
Stroodle Noodle turned 8 months old, got her first tooth and started to crawl...

we're all a little tired



  1. Love the hair tips! And your girls are the cutest! That birthday party looks so fun- and I wish you had brought me some leftover cupcakes so I could eat them for breakfast!

  2. Your home is beautiful and the B-day party decorations are perfection!

    I love your hair that way. You are SO pretty!

  3. What a sweet post about your girls....I hope they read this someday! :-)


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