Tuesday, September 06, 2011

This and That...

I really want to paint our front door. Our is boring black, and we have a pretty strict h.o.a. code. Doubtful any of these will fly. But look at all the pretty...

Crushing so hard on a yellow and gray scheme for the guest bedroom. I think every room in our house, has been every other room in the house at some point. The guestroom turned into our room which turned into the playroom and then back to our room and now back to the guest room. It's an exhausting, indecisive, half-finished sort of life we lead here people.

When people dent their pillows it pains me. Don't know why. It just bothers.
(love these pillows though)

What design element bothers you?
Have a pretty painted door? (sad face. jealous.)


  1. We are painting ours red!! Love a colorful door.

  2. Speaking from personal experience (offending parties will not be named), don't paint the door jam-facing side of the door if you actually decide to do it (just the sides facing inside and outside)!

    It would be awesome if our front door didn't sound like a shotgun blast every time the door opens because the paint sticks together.


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