Monday, June 13, 2011

An organized house...needless or necessity?

So I would definitely consider myself a lover of well organized spaces. I can't get enough books, magazines or pictures like this...

porn. straight porn for me, people.

Notice I did not say "keeper of always well organized spaces".
I try. But with a husband, a toddler, and a newly-crawling 8 month old {in order of messiness}...things aren't perfect. And although I would love to have my home look like a magazine all the time, I know that's not realistic. And even if it were, I don't want a home so pristine looking that friends and family feel like they can't relax in it.

But...BUT...I still believe that having a clean, organized house will help you to be less stressed, less frantic, and just enjoy being at home more.
You may completely disagree, but this..
and this...
...annoy me. a lot. 

Seeking unrealistic perfection in your home is ridiculous and exhausting. But I don't think there's anything wrong with striving to keep a good amount of order and neatness in my home, or that it has to be done at the expense of my family and kids.

I know for a fact that both myself and my husband are more relaxed when we're watching t.v. at night in a picked-up living room. There may be stray cheerios tucked in the seat cushions and hand prints on the screen, but the toys are tossed into a basket that hides them, the rug got a quick vacuum, and it just feels...better.

Even my 3-year old Charlotte seems to play for longer and enjoy herself more when her playroom is decently organized, and every bin and basket isn't tossed upside down on the floor with toys everywhere.

If you remember the day The Key was lost, that stupid missing car key led me to clean out, throw away and organize a bunch of spaces in the house that sorely needed it. And it feels SO GOOD to know my junk drawer has been downgraded to more of a 'random odds and ends' drawer and I know exactly what's in there. And I don't have to spend 20 minutes looking for my chapstick because I finally dealt with the drawers in the bathroom.

I'm not obsessive about it {mostly}and before I did all that cleaning I wasn't laying awake at night thinking about how awful our bedroom closet was. In fact, our dirty, messy bathroom vanity drawers have been irking my for months, but not obviously enough for me to stop watching Real Housewives of OC and go do something about it! {work that couture, Alexis. work it}
But for me it's kind of like when you have something coming up {like a deadline, or a meeting, or a trip} and you didn't realize how much is was causing you stress until that thing is over and done with.

Right now there is a pile of laundry the size of mt. rushmore in my kitchen waiting to be folded and the sink is full of dishes. And I've ignored them and gone about my day and done all the same things I normally do. But I know when the clothes get put away and the sink is empty I'll feel way better about it.

I'll feel better about everything in general, actually. I don't know why, but when my house is messy I feel more stressed about other things too...small things annoy me more, I get in arguments about dumb things with my husband, and I start to feel like my whole life is a bit off-kilter.

All in all, I guess what I'm saying is that I do think it's possibly to be organized, even with kids and a busy schedule. {and being organized will help take some of the stress out of that schedule!}

I am by no means an expert, and there are plenty of areas in my house that I'm not exactly opening up the drawer/closet/room and showing off to company. I actually want to challenge myself this summer to get even more organized. To really figure out what systems work for my family, cut down on needless junk, cut back on spending by living with less {hello, 10 different kinds of shampoo hiding out under my sink, nice to meet you}, and overall just trying to have more simple, easy, organized days and less crazy, messy, stressed ones.

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite easy, practical ideas for keeping a bit of order in your home.  I'll let you know which ones are working out for my own family and some before and afters {hopefully!}of cluttery spaces I want to tackle this summer.

What is the one room or space you wish you had the time / energy / motivation to clean and organize???


  1. I love this post. I'm not going to kill myself cleaning but I do like things to be tidy. I wish I had the strength to organize my basement. Headache. Ugh.

  2. This is craziness! Not what you are saying, that, is amazingness, but that this is EXACTLY what I've been going through (for the first time ever!) the past few months. I've always let rooms, spaces, closets FREAK me out (quite literally!) and I ignore them b/c of it. So, one time a friend decided to help me with my ugliest room...our upstairs bathroom. The feeling it gave me to watch her clean it with me, show me how to dump things that weren't being used (like your 10 containers of shampoo) and to just keep things more started me on this AMAZING kick! We have garage-saled and made a good amount of money getting rid of stuff we don't use and things that add only clutter to our home...we then gave away the rest to those in need. We have a LOT coming our way this fall and I'm so thankful that this energy and "know-how" has come to me...I thank God all the time for it...the peace that it brings and the lack of unexplainable stress that was always lingering is well-worth the work that goes into it!
    Great post! Very encouraging...looking forward to reading more on this subject! :)
    P.S. hit a chord and I had to share with you!!! :D

  3. OH I think about once a month I attack a room. Right now our office is killing me. I mean, the crap I'm holding onto is RIDICULOUS! This is good motivation, maybe i'll do it this weekend. Or maybe not. ;-)


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