Friday, March 02, 2012

Another first born tale...

If you know me on facebook this will be yesterday's news, but I had to write it here too.
Obviously I need to remember it so I can tell her future boyfriends about it.

Every week has a different letter at Charlotte's preschool. This was the letter "P's" turn.

Every kid was supposed to draw something that started with "P" to put in the "P-Pouch".

I saw pictures hanging up of all kinds of  "P" words...  Ponies, Peanuts, Princesses. 

Charlotte astutely decided that "P" was obviously for Private Parts.

And drew a picture of, quote, 

                      " Just some Bottoms & Nipples "       Obviously.


  1. Oh this is hilarious! thanks for sharing, I definitely laughed out loud!

  2. If you don't show a picture, it didn't happen. An Internet maxim. SouthernMan


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