Monday, February 27, 2012

things of no importance

Tip Top of the Mornin' to you

Blogger is being a total hussy today and keeps deleting everything. I've written this 3 times and now I'm over it. So In no semblance of order or meaning, and with zero editing...some tidbits floating through this mind.

-I've tried color blocking. I've really tried. I still feel like a 3 year old who dressed herself.

-my 3 year old who does indeed dress herself is going to be the end of me. and the beginning of gray hair.
she changes clothes 17 times a day.  completely new ensembles from head to toe, headband to socks. and the most desperately-needed-must-happen-right-this-second outfit changes always happen 3 seconds before I have to walk out the door somewhere. I hope you are a wealthy man, Charlotte's future husband, and can keep her closet filled to the brim. Wealthy and patient.

-I'm a total hypochondriac. 5 minutes watching Dr. Oz and I can feel myself wasting away from any number of terrible illnesses. {"why yes, Dr. O, I do have all 3 warning signs!!"}But in my defense, I've had some really random health issues that are pretty serious mixed in with lots of It's-absolutely-nothing-here's-your-$200-bill-thanks-for-coming. If I win the lottery tomorrow and didn't have to worry about medical expenses from my crummy insurance, the first thing I would do is line up a slew of appointments and blood-workings and smears and scans and have every inch of me checked out. It would be more exciting than planning a trip to belize.  But I did just win the lottery so obviously i would then actually go to belize. {"is there a higher sun index there?? is spf 120 good enough?? did i remember to get that mole checked out!?!"}

-I have lots of friends who home-school their kids. I'm both proud of their commitment and dedication and also deeply mystified by their desire to be with their children every. second. of. the. day.
yes, I will shed some tears when Charlotte trots off to kindergarten. but then I will send up deep prayers of thanks to God that I made it through 5 years of her life with both of us alive,  and {mostly} unmedicated, and breathe a huge sigh of relief. and go back inside to be with Juliette who would then be the same insanely, mind numbingly difficult age that Charlotte is right now. {do my glands look swollen??}

-my husband is wonderful. so patient. good lord, the man is patient. i don't think i've ever sung his praises here and it is about time i did. he's my tall glass of diet coke on a hot summer day and i'm thankful he picked me.

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