Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh the pressure...of a name...

Is it completely ridiculous that sometimes I'll sit down to blog and then decide not to because I can't think up a title?

 (but 100 points shall be given to you if you know what movie that title is from) 

Here's a little of this and a dash of that...

Things have been clunking right along for us. I'm really thankful that Wes' treatment for TN seems to have helped. He still is having pain in one area, but we're hoping the nerve will continue to heal over the next few weeks and bring even more relief.

This wiley, wig-wearing little minx managed to pulled a super heavy dresser over onto herself on Saturday night, and only by the grace of God did she escape with just a bruised and sore leg. 

We took her to get x-rays just in case, because I didn't see how her leg could be in once piece. That dresser is insanely heavy and I never thought it could tip over. Huge parenting fail, and we're in the process of bolting everything to the walls now. Everything. If you come over to visit, don't stand in one place for too long. 

Juliette went 5 days without waking up at night. I really thought we had made it. Almost 11 months old, she would finally sleep through the night...

 She woke up 3 times last night just to make up for lost time. 

I'm working on some really fun and challenging design projects, both at my own house and someone else's...


I'm also doing the dessert table for the wedding of a super sweet couple from church. Here's my plan...and I'll show you pics of it all done on the big day...
Trying not to take such long breaks from writing!  Be back soon... xoxo


  1. Glad you are back! Bless your heart a dresser tipping over and a non sleeping 11 month old!! Can't wait to see your design work and I am sure we are not far behind in having to bolt things down,my son is into everything!!

  2. It's from Pretty Woman!! That's scary about the dresser! Glad she's ok. :-0


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